Dance Etqiquette

Define Dance Etiquette:set of conventional rules which govern the social behavior of social dance by its participants. 

#: Never wear dance shoes outside the studio or wear street shoes in the studio.

#: Men escort ladies on/off the dance floor.

#: Always protect the woman from being bumped on the dance floor.

 #: Dress appropriately and come prepared.

#: Come to class showered with brushed teeth or freshened breath.

#: Oral and Body hygiene is very important and should be monitored

#: Don’t Expect Your Partner to Teach You How to Dance

#: Don’t Grope Your Partner – It’s in bad taste to use dancing as an excuse to feel up or grope a woman on the dance floor “accidentally” and then getting all offended when she gets mad. I mean it’s like come on, really?

#: Tell Your Partner If They’re Hurting You# #5: Don’t Be Rough With Your Partner

#: Don’t Squeeze Your Partner’s Hand

#: Smile and Look Happy –Try and smile and look happy while dancing with your partner..

#: Make Eye Contact – It’s important to make regular eye contact with your partner.

#: Apologize If You Bump Into or Step on Someone – You should always try and apologize if you bump into or step on someone while social dancing. This can be your partner or another person or another couple.

#: Don’t Take Up Too Much Room on the Dance Floor. Stay in your Space.

#: Don’t Dance Above Your Partner’s Skill Level

#: Don’t Teach, Correct or Critique Your Partner’s Dancing – The time you should teach, correct or critique your partner’s dancing is during a dance lesson. Unless someone hired you to be his/her dance teacher, you should not be telling them what to do on the dance floor.

#: Bring a towel to wipe your sweat and germs off the floor or barre

#: Watch your language, even when you mess up.

 #: Don’t Backlead- Ladies let your partner lead.

#: Pay Attention to Your Partner – Pay attention to your partner and what they’re doing. Dancing is a pretty involved activity; you can’t just be zoning out while you’re dancing with someone and expect everything to go perfectly. This is important for both men and women.

#: Don’t Hit on a Woman by Asking Her to Teach You How to Dance – If you’re a guy, don’t try to hit on a girl/woman by asking her to teach you how to dance. Instead, take some group classes or private lessons, learn how to dance properly, then come back and show her what you know; that’s much more impressive…

#: Don’t Dance When You’re Drunk – Dancing when you’re drunk is dangerous because your coordination is impaired, balance is off, and decision-making skills are compromised.

#: Don’t Do Crazy Moves – Save your drops, lifts, flips and crazy tricks for dance competitions and performances. Because social dance settings to be pretty crowded with a mix of different skill levels, it’s dangerous and impractical to be going around doing crazy stuff..

#: Dip Carefully – Be very careful when dipping your partner, especially if you’re on a crowded dance floor.

#: Don’t Makeout on the Dance Floor

#: Escort Your Partner On and Off the Dance Floor

 #: Thank Your Partner