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private lessons

Our private lessons consist of one or two students and one instructor. The private setting allows the student to receive tailored instructions to meet their primary goal, work on a certain style, perfect your style, work through shortcomings (footwork, turns, or proper technique), and learn at your own pace.

One can learn to dance in a short period of time due to the one-on-one ratio. Private lessons help relieve the worry about dancing in front of others and can be ideal for health reason. Contact us today to discuss pricing and details.

the best way to learn

Sign up now for a class with Silky Smooth Dance! We recommend a comprehensive program of Private Lessons, Group Classes, and Social Dances. If you take group classes and/or private lessons twice a week, this allows you to learn quickly and retain what you learn by consistent practice.

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​​class schedule

Once you have perfected your spins and turns, it's time to get fancy and learn balance with your partner.

The best dancer always feels the music. Your movements should be with the music rhythm.

Practice Practice Practice. We have events every week for you to master the dance.

After understanding the basics we get into spins and turns.


Leans & Leverage


spins & Turns